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Free betting tips

By registering on the site, you gain the right to access free betting tips. Our experts will publish predictions for individual matches, and you will be able to see them regardless of whether you are a subscribed user or not.

Betting tips from expert tipsters

Depending on the selected offer, subscribed members can follow betting tips and analysis of one or more TIP-MASTERS. Each TIP-MASTER provides predictions for a minimum of 75 matches during the month.

Additional services

We also offer additional services such as following "Live" matches with our experts, betting tips on demand and analysis for the matches you choose, as well as the possibility to follow TIP-MASTERS surprise tickets created by all TIP-MASTERS.


Take the chance to become a TIP-MASTER and earn money. Applying for the position of a TIP-MASTER is completely free, and so is the registration process. At the end of each season, we choose the best among you and offer long-term cooperation.

About Us

The TIP-MASTERS platform ensures that you get soccer betting tips from the best experts. Registered users who want to gain the title of a TIP-MASTER are given the opportunity to test their knowledge and experience, and those with the best results are offered cooperation. Using our platform, you have the opportunity to get the best offers, but also to earn money by becoming a TIP-MASTER or by using a referral program. All registered users can make money without making any purchase.

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  • Access to free betting tips
  • Choice of a paid membership according to your needs
  • Access to the "Live" center
  • Requests for betting tips and match analysis according to your wishes
  • Possibility to follow the TIP-MASTERS surprise tickets created by all our experts
  • Opportunity to test your knowledge and experience and become a TIP-MASTER, and thus make money
  • Possibility to earn money by recommending our portal through the referral program (you will get money for each user who registers via your link or by entering the referral code and make the first purchase)
  • Access to news, notifications, frequently asked questions and terms of use
  • Support for all your questions, suggestions and advice

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