Terms of use
System terms of use

The Tip-Masters system is advisory in nature and you use all tips and analyses at your own risk. Tip-Masters provides tips based on expert opinion but is not responsible for any erroneous tipping. Tip-Masters is not responsible for any errors that result from the user's work on the system. All abuses of the system will be sanctioned by permanent suspension of the registered profile. Tip-Masters reserves the right to terminate the service to one or more users at any time. In case the system user considers himself an injured party, it is necessary to contact the customer support with a description of the problem, after which the support will try to solve the problem in the best possible way for both parties. Tip-Masters is not obliged to make a refund in case of withdrawal from a service, dissatisfaction with a service or any other reason if the user has confirmed that he wants to make a payment, make a purchase or provide another service. Registration and use of the system is strictly prohibited for persons under the age of 18.

Terms of registration

By accepting the terms of registration, you confirm that you are familiar with all the terms and conditions of use of the system, you agree that the data is collected and processed for internal purposes. By entering the data, you confirm that the data you entered is correct.

Sharing the information with others

Sharing the received information with third parties is not allowed. Public sharing or posting of tips / analyses or sharing of username and password with other persons is prohibited and if we detect policy violation, your account will be suspended. Tip Masters reserve the right to suspend the account without any compensation or refund.

Terms of purchase

By accepting the terms of purchase when choosing a membership, you agree to be provided with the desired membership in a defined period of time and special benefits offered by the membership in exchange for a precisely defined fee expressed in TMC (Tip Master Coin).

Terms of changing personal data

By accepting the terms of changing personal data, you give consent to replace the old data with newly entered data and confirm that the new data is correct.

Terms of use of the competition "Become a Tip-Master"

By participating in the "Become a Tip-Master" competition, you automatically accept the terms of use by confirming that your entered tips will be used for performance analysis. Tip-Master does not guarantee to the person who participated in the tryout that he will be selected for cooperation (that he will become a Tip-Master).

The terms of selecting a Tip-Master for tipping

When choosing offers that allow the use of services of only one Tip-Master, you have the opportunity to define which Tip-Master it will be. By accepting the terms of selecting a Tip-Master, you confirm that you have made a decision which Tip-Master it will be (without the possibility of replacement, until the membership expires).

Terms of use of surprise tickets

By accepting the terms of use of surprise tickets, you agree that a certain amount of TMC will be used to finance the surprise ticket that will be compiled by all Tip-Masters, and that will be visible immediately after the application deadline, before the beginning of the first match. If it is a winning ticket, you agree to be charged a percentage of the commission on your profits (the percentage depends on whether you have an active membership or not).

On demand tipping - Terms of selecting an offer

By selecting the offer of a certain Tip-Master, you give your consent to be provided with a tipping / analysis by the selected Tip-Master in exchange for the exactly requested fee expressed in TMC (Tip Master Coin).

Terms of making a deposit

Users can make a payment in one of the available currencies (see exchange rate list). Depending on the deposit amount, the user receives a certain equivalent in TMC (Tip Master Coin) which can be used for different services. The system user is responsible for any errors in the payment process if wrong payment data are used.

Terms of making a withdrawal

Users can request the withdrawal of funds if they have sufficient funds in the account (TMC), if the minimum required amount is 50 TMC and the maximum required amount is not more than 100 TMC and if the user has purchased at least one offer or at least one additional service or provided one realised referral. After making a withdrawal request, an agreement is made on the method of payment in a certain currency (see the exchange rate list). The system user is responsible if he submits incorrect payment data.